A shallow focus of an African female with a facemask holding a POS machine at a market

Automated sales processes. The most obvious benefit of POS systems is that they make transactions faster and easier for both you and your customers.

Sales and inventory tracking. POS systems track all of your transactions and thus give you insights into your daily revenue.

Some systems include inventory-tracking capabilities through which your stock counts automatically update every time a barcode is scanned into your POS. Card-reading capabilities.

If you’re running a storefront and don’t have space for a large cashier, mobile POS systems can help. Many POS systems convert your smartphone or tablet into a POS for accepting credit card payments – just connect your card reader to your device, keep your POS app open and when prompted, ask your customer to swipe, dip, or tap their credit card to complete the transaction. Integrations with other platforms.

If your POS can integrate with your company’s other software platforms, such as its accounting services, you can better understand your cash flow. As such, you’ll have an accurate picture of how much cash your company has on hand due to sales.