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Ikomali Business Manager, POS and ERP Benefits

While working together, we believe we can implement this Ikomali Business Manager, POS and ERP that is intuitive, easy to learn, simple to navigate, dynamic in functionality and interactive.


Ikomali Overview

Ikomali Business Manager & P.O.S System.

The IkoMali Business Manager + POS comes in 3: 1. Your very own BACK OFFICE – to control and manage every aspect of your business 2. A Dedicated POINT OF SALE Interface- Ideal for Cashiers 3. An ANDROID SALES APP- suitable for field selling



Key Modules & Features

Intuitive and Interactive Software for overview of your business performance

What it does

What Can Ikomali Do

Admin Dashboard

Intuitive and Interactive dashboard overview of your business

Multiple Stores

Manage Multiple Stores / locations / branches / warehouses from one platform

Bulk Messaging

Print or Send Receipts, Invoices and Quotations via SMS, Email or WhatsApp

Inventory Control

Inventory Control and management with low stock and expiry alerts for your business

We Do More For Your Business

Why Ikomali Business Manager + P.O.S

Switch to ikomali custom software solutions for your business.

Cloud Based System
  • Access the system, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, on ANY Device!
Top-Notch Security
  • for Secure Data Storage and System Access.
Hardware Compatible
  • No Need of New Gadgets! Accommodates normal and thermal printers, barcode scanners and product-label-printers
API Ready
  • to Integrate with any other Software/Service you use. E.g. M-Pesa, QuickBooks Online, Xero Online, Woo Commerce e.t.c


E-Commerce , Software & Payments

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